For the gamer in everyone

Our Games

Anzen is a hack-n-slash ARPG set in a fantasy sci-fi world with fluid combat, rich lore and a competitive focus.


Who We Are

We are a team of passionate creatives that found each other through the internet and came together because of a shared passion of games and game development. Our mission is to build fun and memorable games. Together we established a culture of proactiveness, quality and continual improvement. We strive to do better then we did the day before.

Our Values


This word is how we conduct ourselves both as a company amongst our teams and to our gamers. Our word and products can be trusted.


Creating games is a grind and requires you to be agile.  We seek to persevere when the going gets tough and realize that growth is part of the journey.


Every voice matters during all phases of development. Each department and community members feedback and ideas will be used to help improve the game and the studio.

Team Player

Being a globally distributed team we must keep in mind that we are all working for the same cause and working as a team regardless of hierarchy, location, or any other social status

The Team

Chris Reimschussel

Producer / Game Designer

Lee Meredith


Ashley Roesler

Systems Programmer

Simon Breumier

3D Artist

Ken Tan

Art Lead

Marieke Douma

Concept Artist

Bruno Pellegrino

3D Artist

Quain Holtey

Narrative Designer