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Project Blue

Unannounced Title

Code named “PROJECT BLUE” is an original IP set in the DISTANT FUTURE of our MODERN-DAY world with TECHNOLOGY, RELATIONSHIPS, HARDSHIP and the ability of human beings to PERSEVERE in the face of adversity.

Our In-App Store will only have COSMETIC ITEMS that change the look of your character, weapons, armor, colors and graphics of your abilities.

We will be releasing EXPANSIONS for the game throughout the year that will be WORTHY OF THE PRICE YOU PAY for the content that you get.

Unity® Software

We are using the proven game engine from Unity Technologies to create our first project. The streamlined development process, community driven assets and built-in analytics make Unity® Software one of the best choices for game creation.

Chipmunk Asset Management

Chipmunk is a cloud-based asset management platform. This platform allows us the flexibility to work with team members across the United States. They are currently developing a plugin that seamlessly imports assets from Chipmunk directly into Unity Software.



Entertain by creating amazing experiences.


We want to be at the forefront of entertainment through the love and passion we put into our games.

Commitment to Quality

Work Hard and Have Fun

Everyone is Important

Never Stop Learning

Do Things Differently

Be Open

The Team

Our team is full of passionate people who are putting in their "blood, sweat and tears" into the project. Each of us have full or part time jobs and working on top of what we do at Reim Entertainment. We got a lot of great stuff in the works and hope to go full time on the project soon!

Christopher "Yusuke" Reimschussel

Founder | Game Director

Armed with a bachelors in applied computing and a masters in global management, Chris aims to work with a team to create amazing games and a sustainable business. He believes that, first and foremost, games are meant to be fun and long lasting.

Adrian Alvarado

Unity Developer

Adrian's recently received his Unity Certification proving his skill within the Unity game engine. While he may be relatively new in this industry he has a thirst for knowledge. He is always learning from online courses and from everyone in the industry that he meets.

Michael O'Donnell

Unity Developer

Mike has professional experience as a full-stack web applications developer focusing on responsive and robust web design. He has been working with Unity as a hobby for a while now and is ready to start applying his skills as a member of our team!

Jacob Reimschussel

Content Writer

Jacob is a creative through and through. He can play multiple instruments, written dozens of songs, played in a band, can draw and has worked on his own novel. His passion for stories has been with him since childhood and he is continuing to follow that passion.

Paul Blanchard


Paul has worked on screenplay for cartoons and other projects with a knack to capture nuanced details in stories that can drastically change how things are conveyed. He received his Bachelors of Arts from the State University of New York at Albany.

Carlos Lopez

Audio Engineer

Carlos hails from Guadalajara, Mexico and has worked with music, sound and media for the last 14 years. He has worked on 400+ projects ranging from radio, TV shows, films and video games. Carlos has a passion for video games and wants to use his trade to make something amazing!

Adam Kehoe

3D Artist

Adam brings an extensive amount of experience to the team. He has worked over 11 years in creating technical and photoreal product renderings and has a BS in Media Arts and Animation from the Art Institutes International Minnesota.

Ryan Kliebhan

Concept Artist

Ryan grew up watching her dad play games like Diablo, Half-Life and Oblivion which sparked her interest and passion in the artwork and development that goes on "behind the scenes". Participating in the creation and the artistic direction of a project is one of her dreams.

Andrew Stewart

Game Designer

Andrew recently graduated from DePaul University with a BS majoring in game design. He will be applying game theory, balancing game systems and more to the project. Since completing his degree he is ready to start honing his skills as a game designer.

Kathleen Muylle

3D Character Artist

Kathleen brings a wealth of expertise to the team. She got her bachelors in computer animation from Full Sail University and went on to work in various roles involving character animation and 3D modeling.


Geoffrey Bailey

2D Artist

Geoff is well versed in game development and worked with us on concept art.

Mina Lee

Concept Artist | Visual Development

Mina is a talented artist who specializes in visual development and concept art. She has helped us understand the importance of art direction and worked to establish the art style for the project. Her art is simply amazing with such a keen eye to detail. Check out her ArtStation!

Xander Davis

Xander Davis & Associates

As a consultant, Xander gave us great feedback that helped to solidity our game's direction.


2D Environmental Artist

Create concept art and illustrations for locations, buildings, and props

Social Media Manager

Develop social media campaigns, develop brand awareness and manage the company’s online content


Focusing on finance, business development and create long-term value for the company

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